Hey Guys! I am Donita Luz Trinidad from the beautiful land of the Philippines! I created this blog to keep track of my book reviews, in association of my Goodreads account and to express  my nonsense musings and thoughts about almost everything.

I am a dreamer, a certified Fangirl. I have a lot of book boyfriends I am almost a book slut! **wink. I am also an anti-social, I would rather stay home snuggle on my bed with a good book and a cup of coffee on a Friday night, instead of going out partying, it emotionally and physically tires me. I wonder if that's a disease?

I love fantasy, Sci-fi, Dystopian and Mystery/Thriller books with a mix of Romance. I read Contemporary books too, when available. 

My Rating System:

I don't really use any formal format when I am reviewing a book. I just drop all the sh*t thoughts I have. I love using GIF's and images to further express my emotion and feels, aside from the fact that they tend to be very hilarious and entertaining. *tehehe

Awful, I didn't like it, every part of the book was wrong for me.

Painfully boring and frustrating but manageable.

Good I actually liked it, it's just...

Brilliant. definitely not perfect but enjoyable and oh.. I really liked it!

ASDFGHJKL!! Awesome! I love love love it!    

I don't give ratings to the books I DNF, because I don't think it was fair. Rating a book that I haven't finish seems so.. wrong. I intend to finish a book as long as possible, however, there are just books that fails to piqued my interest. I believe there are a lot more books to-read to waste time reading a book that just isn't right for us, you know, Too many books, so little time. But, I still write reviews to those books and list the reason why I wasn't able to finish the book.


I tried, and then tried again, but I just couldn't finish it, it's so boring I find myself dozing off a lot of times.

Visit my review page to see my reviewed books. I hope you enjoy your visit! Take care!



  1. Hi, I've nominated you for the Blogging Recognition Award, and I hope we can become friends! :)

  2. Hi Donita! Just checking out some of your recent posts and loving your blog :)

    1. Hey Jane! Thank you so much! Hope you're having a great visit! :) <3


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