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Inbetween (Kissed by Death,#1) by Tara Fuller

Tara Fuller
Since the car crash that took her father’s life three years ago, Emma’s life has been a freaky — and unending — lesson in caution. Surviving “accidents” has taken priority over being a normal seventeen-year-old, so Emma spends her days taking pictures of life instead of living it. Falling in love with a boy was never part of the plan. Falling for a reaper who makes her chest ache and her head spin? Not an option.

It’s not easy being dead, especially for a reaper in love with a girl fate has put on his list not once, but twice. Finn’s fellow reapers give him hell about spending time with Emma, but Finn couldn’t let her die before, and he’s not about to let her die now. He will protect the girl he loves from the evil he accidentally unleashed, even if it means sacrificing the only thing he has left…his soul.

3 Stars
"All in good time..."

BE PATIENT. That is about what I can advise. You will need a lot of patience if you are to read this book. I obviously ended up liking this a lot surprisingly, but it took me way too long to get past the few chapters.

It is always expected that the first book installment of a series will have a lot of plot development,I was really looking forward to it, but what bored me is that, the idea of plot development of this story was practically the main characters, always hosting a pity party every GODDAMN time, thus the agonizing slow start, it's so frustrating.
Who needed to live when you had a bestfriend who did enough of it for the both of you?
*Rolls eyes.

But, ranting aside, I can't believe how much I like loved this book. I am so happy I didn't DNF it, (Believe me, I was so close..) because the Romance and Friendships are so beautifully written, it was freaking convincing.

Ever since the accident that killed her father, Emma's life has never been the same. Aside from the fact that a very important person in her life was gone forever, someone or something seems so intent on ending her life.
I was a walking freak show. The only guy who had ever looked at me like I was something more than crazy or a friend was dead. "I know I'm screwed up."
Well I guess, If you're hunted by a crazy revengeful ass spirit, and no one believes you, then I guess you'll question you're sanity too. The only reason she escapes her near death situation was because, Finn, Inbetween's reaper was always there to protect her, *er, not actually always since he's got his duties reaping a soul, being a reaper and all.

Just because Finn's reaper, doesn't mean he'll look like this..

Because that is exactly how I though reapers should look like, instead, Finn is a teenager, just about Emma's age, How freaking convenient.

Finn's supposed to be the one to reap Emma's soul, that day in the accident that killed her father. However, Finn recognizes her the girl from his past, and saved her, but the negative side was, her life was never the same again. I don't know how much more I can tell. I don't want to spoil anything. One of the reason why I loved this book was because of its plot twist... So yeah, you just have to stick with the story and look forward to it.

Characters: obviously, I had doubts with the main characters. Emma, despite being a little bit whiny, isn't a type of character who's waiting for a knight in shining armor, err in this case, a soul in shining armor to come and save her every time.
No. I can't keep relying on you. What happens when you can't be there? I need to know how to protect myself
Although, it's hard to protect yourself from something you can't see, atleast she tried. I atleast give her that. At the start I can't really stand her for always pitying herself and everything, but when Finn appears, fortunately, her character improves.
"Do you like him?" Cash finally broke into a full-on grin. "Of course you do! He saved you. Chicks love that crap. Does this mean you're actually going to go on a real date now?"
But then again I hate her again for being so bitchy about Finn not being able to touch her and everything.
"Then do it!" A lump swelled in my throat and I pressed my lips together. Why did I need this so badly? I felt like I was going to break apart if he didn't gave me this.
I was like..

The boy is a ghost, of course he can't touch you. Demanding much?

Finn. I am not really sure about him too. He's really sweet, at one point I almost envied Emma for having him, he's the kind of boys most teenager dreamed of, the one who'll always be there to protect you and someone who can still look at you like you're his worl and will love you till death do you part, literally, minus the part of him being a ghost ofcourse. He's just a kind of a little stalker at times.
"For you?" I asked, brushing my lips against hers. "For you I'd do anything"
Yeah I know.. Too cheesy, but after reading everything had done for Emma, I guess I can't really belittle that statement of his.

The secondary characters of this book are so likeable, they are also one of the things that make this book a little bit bearable when this was having a slow start.

Cash. Emma's bestfriend. As much as I envy Emma for having Finn, I also envy her for having Cash as her bestfriend. I almost ship them at some point, because, hey can you blame me? I mean, it's more realistic. The romance with a dead guy is kind of risky, but I guess that was the whole point of the story right? Risk and danger of love... Anyway, going back to cash, he's the light on all Emma's drama.
Then you realize that I'm right behind you with a can of fuel and you stop worrying so damn much.
How sweet is that? Oh, but don't worry, there isn't going to be a love triangle crap in this story.. *Wink

There are also Easton, Anaya and Scout, who all play a major role in the story, and equally interesting characters.

Romance: The romance is unbelievably scary. I mean, I keep thinking the whole time how a dead guy could possibly have a happy ending with a perfectly alive teenage girl?


But I guess, "nothing's impossible in Love" is real then..

A lot of possibilities have appeared while I was reading this book. Apart from the secondary characters that I love, this was one of the reason why I stick around, how could they have work the romance between the main characters, it was so intriguing.

Overall, I do recommend this book to everyone who love Paranormal Romance YA need to add this book to your TBR books. It will be so worth it!



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