Sunday, November 22, 2015

Random Ramblings: New Blog Look!

Hey Guys! 

So I've been AWOL for the last couple of days. I haven't been able to post some reviews that I'm supposed to post and I haven't been able to participate to any weekly features(WoW and FF) since last, last week, I guess, and it's making me wary.

I've been too much busy with... I'm not sure really. LOL. But all I wanted to say is that I finally got some time off! So I'm planning to post and write a lot of reviews for the pile of books I finished reading and then I saw my blog.. like, really really saw it for the first time... and I thought,  "Oh, this blog is so lame.." So I decided to make a change..

And TA-DA! Here's the finish product! I should've took a picture of my old blog for comparison, but it's obviously too late.. I never got the chance to back-up my old template because all I wanted to do is to change my theme so it's not possible anymore. :)

I'm currently using Sorbet-Theme and customized it a bit for my blog. I guess I might have to edit some of my blog post to match the format of my current theme and I can't say I'm excited, lol. But I'm just so happy that I get to change the look of my blog and all.

So what do you guys think? :)



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