Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ship it Sunday #1 : Seth and Josie


Ship it Sunday is a weekly original meme hosted by Steph at I'am Simply a Book Drunkard, Visit her page to know more of this Weekly Feature and feel free to join us and let the bookish world know of your Ship.

Let the shipping begin!

For first ever shipping week! I'd pick Seth and Josie from The The Return Titan #1 by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is the sequel series of the Covenant Series.

I just want you guys to understand how much I easily fall for the bad-guys, I just can't help it. I ship Seth and Alex at some point, mostly because I felt like Seth's like a lost puppy and he needed someone there with him.. Until Elixir. That's when I accept my defeat but I never really gave up on Seth. And I so wanted to MEET JLA and KISS HER AND HUG HER AND CRY TO HER to express how much thankful I'am for this sequel.. Oh no, my tears.. **SNIFF, SNIFF
Reasons to ship Seth and Josie:

  • Josie and Seth together is real bad-ass! I mean, Apollyon and a Demigod together? That will only result to butt-kicking Titans!
  • Their Chemistry together is unbelievable and intense! Grey's inner Goddess will be ashamed! HA! **Blushing**
  • Seth can kick-ass alone. You can count on him to keep you safe, he's your best bet, but against the titan? No real chance there. I'm just so happy Josie's there to keep him safe for a change!
  • Seth's and Josie's relationship was Sweet and Scary and a little unstable. Seth has a lot of doubts and insecurities that can't be wiped off easily, and Josie's patience can match Seth's hard resolve!

Share us you ship too! :)



  1. See! Everything turned out great for Seth in the end! YAY!! Alex and Aiden are happy, and so is Seth!
    Still....S+S=winning. ;)

    1. Yep! The sexual tension is waay to hot for my taste but I'm not complaining :) Just enough with S+S already, it's not going to work ;)


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