Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ship it Sunday #3: Cassie Sullivan and Evan Walker from The 5th Wave


Ship it Sunday is a weekly original meme hosted by Steph at I'am Simply a Book Drunkard, Visit her page to know more of this Weekly Feature and feel free to join us and let the bookish world know of your Ship.

Let the shipping begin!

I just saw a picture of the cast of The 5th Wave movie in Facebook and I thought, why not feature this ship?


Aren't they adorable?

I freaking love the book! I was actually not expecting a romance in this book when I started reading it! I'am more into the premise of alien invasion and when I get to part of Cassie and Evan.. Boy was I blown away!

They are meant to be! Let these pictures saw you why this ship is just perfect!



I really am looking forward to this movie not just because I love Cassie and Evan Ship's and I love this book as a whole but also because I have a girl crush in Chloë Grace Moretz since I first saw her in Kick-ass! That girl is the perfect Cassie in my eyes! 



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