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Book Review: Altaica by Tracy M. Joyce

(The Chronicles of Altaica, #1)
Tracy M. Joyce
Genre: Young-adult, High Fantasy, Romance
“Look at her – she’s Hill Clan. Even the Matyrani don’t like them …”

Isaura – little is known about her race, but much is whispered. Born to refugees, she grows up enduring racism and superstition within a community that fears her. She has few friends, and those she treasures. Trapped, she longs for escape to a different life.

Escape is only the beginning of her troubles. Having fled an invading army with her friends, Isaura is faced with heinous choices in order to survive. Secrets from her past emerge to torment her and threaten to destroy all she holds dear. Her struggles forge a bond with an ancient power – a power which may transform or consume her. Old hatreds and superstitions are renewed and at her most vulnerable she learns the true nature of those around her.

Her only hope lies in a foreign land – a land rich in tradition; ruled by three powerful clans. A land with a history marked by warfare; where magic as we know it does not exist. Instead what is here, in abundance, is a more primal power.

Survival carries a high price.

Welcome to Altaica.

I have Altaica on my currently-reading shelf since September, a month and 3-4 books later, it's still there, unfinished, not for the lack of trying really, because I did try, multiple times.. until I just couldn't do it anymore.
"They're not used to seeing women fight, that's all. It's one thing for them to know you carry a bow to hunt, but another to see it used like that."
Seeing the cover for the very first time, I thought this was going to be a very interesting and kick-ass high fantasy read... I couldn't have been more wrong.
The story was sadly uneventful. Well, I couldn't be sure since I only read 30% of the book, I know it's too early to give up on the book, but I've tried reading this book for a month and still failed to hold my interest. After the heroic escape that happen on the first part of the book, nothing much happened except for the drama that each characters had, it's incredibly boring, the story drags.

I think it's good that the book is trying to show us the POV of each and every thought of the character, but it just didn't work out for me. I don't usually mind this kind of writing, but the way I'm suddenly reading other characters(and believe me there are a lot of them) thought is just way too confusing. Plus, it's really hard to connect with the characters when there aren't any depth and complexity in them, since the book's trying to share the limelight with everyone. I actually stopped reading when I reached the part, where there are a new set of characters introduced. I'm so done with this shit.

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you*

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Tracy M Joyce is an Australian author of speculative fiction. Her debut novel, Altaica: Book I in The Chronicles of Altaica, is published by Odyssey Books. Tracy has long been a fan of the fantasy genre, but particularly likes novels that deal with deep characterisations and that don’t flinch from the gritty realities of life. This and her fascination with the notions of “moral greyness”, that “good people can do bad things” and that we cannot escape our past provide the inspiration for her writing. Combine that with her love of history, horses and archery and you have Altaica.

She grew up on a farm in rural Victoria, in a picturesque dot on the map known as Glenburn. She spent half of her childhood riding horses and the other half trying to stay out of trouble - the only way she did that was by reading books and writing stories. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband, one cat and one (very) lazy greyhound and a manic puppy.

Tracy holds a BA (Hons) from Monash University, spent many years in a variety of administrative roles and fortunately never gave up on her childhood dream to become a writer. In her spare time she tutors a select and unlucky group of students in English.

Tracy loves to hear from her readers.

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