Thursday, October 15, 2015

Feature & Follow #19: What Super Powers would you like to have?

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This Week's Question:

If you could have any super power, what would it be? - Suggested by Jess Time to Read.

This question isn't new anymore, I mean, at one point in time each and everyone has ask the same questions to ourselves! Me on the other have ask this question plenty of times before I lost count! I honestly couldn't pick only one, but.. I think I'll pick 2 of the best super powers I would like to have. :D

Time Manipulation
Have you read Pivot Point by Kasie West? Well the MC there has this kind of power. I want to be able to slow down, stop and go back in time! I know it would be very tricky.. not to mention dangerous, but dude, it's just waaay too good to pass up! I'll think of the consequences later. :)

Ok, I hope this doesn't make me a creeper or anything, but most of the time, I always wished I had this cool ability to read/sense another person's thoughts, so I won't tiptoe around people anymore. I know it isn't easy though, I read a lot of novel about telepathy and how this ability can drive someone insane, but I'm still hoping to be kind of Professor X. LOL :) Again, if my wish really do come true, I'll deal with the consequences later. :)

What about you?



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